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Friday, 20 June 2014

What I will say if the PCUSA chooses to divest

In a few hours our General Assembly will decide whether or not to divest from 3 American companies whose products are being used for nonpeaceful activities of the Israeli military in the Occupied Territories. There is likely to be more debate and more tension in the room than during our discussions of same gender marriage.

Coming into the assembly hall this morning we were flanked by grey t-shirted men whose shirts proclaimed that divestment would "leave them out."

I am very nervous about this conversation and the "fallout" after the decision.

Yet I am moved to support divestment and to do my level best to explain this decision with clarity and compassion to those willing to listen.

My first call Monday morning will be to the staff of the local synagogue with whom we have a longstanding and deep relationship. My hope is that the rabbis will welcome a conversation. My hopes for that conversation will be to...........

1. Listen to the understanding of my colleagues and clarify that our decision to divest is one of getting our own financial house in order as an expression of our hope that the occupation will end and determined efforts to work toward a two state solution will begin again.

2. Report on the positive investment of the Presbyterian Foundation in alternative energy, fish farming and microlending, which are serving to bring economic development to an area which will hopefully, one day, be part of a sovereign state of Palestine. I will remind my colleagues that our investments in Israel continue as a viable part of our denomination's portfolio.  I will ask if my colleagues would be interested in joining together in a project of this nature as an expression of hope for the Palestinian people.

3. Ask the synagogue friends to help me and my congregation become more aware of Jewish suffering in various places in the world, that we may stay vigilant in our efforts to address anti-Semitism everywhere, including in the depths of our own hearts.

4. invite members of the synagogue, Christians and Muslims (including Palestinan Christians and Muslims) to read together the book "Embracing Israel/Palestine: A Strategy for Healing and Transforming the Middle East" by Rabbi Michael Lerner as a small group.

I pledge my willingness to have these kinds of conversations with anyone who desires them.

I have decided what I feel I can say to my Jewish friends and colleagues if we pass divestment. I am not sure yet of what I will say to the Palestinians I know and to our dedicated Mission coworkers who work daily in the West Bank and Jerusalem and experience the despair and hopelessness of the Palestinian people who wonder where the world's passion is for peace.




Aric Clark said...

Great advice Kelly! I hope we affirm and you are able to carry this out and many others follow your example.

Kris said...

A good example of what we ALL can do with our congregations and our neighbors. Thank-you, Kelly!

Kris said...
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UPCSA said...

I think you have missed the point. Moderate Muslims are not able to influence the radical Muslims. Hamas is not interested in peaceful coexistence. They have stated over and over their intent to destroy Israel - to wipe them off the map. By dis-investing, you will leave them defenseless and be directly contributing to genocide.

Sylvia Ann Manning said...

I like pax world fund for being the first social conscience fund, refusing to invest in weapons or war since the fifties.