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Thursday, 27 November 2008

But words will never hurt me…..
I really don't like the word "stupid," so we have a household rule that we don't use it in our family. Which is not always easy, because it's a favorite word among children. As David and I were walking to school one morning this summer, he heard a girl behind us say "stupid" to a friend and mentioned it. I explained that not everyone thinks it's a bad word. Then David says, "Mum, I know a REALLY bad word." "What is it?" I said with a cringe coming on.

"Idiot." he says.

With as much seriousness as I could muster, I replied. "Yes. that is a bad word."

I'm chuckling now. And a little teary. In a world where there is so much harshness, how long can my son believe that one of the worst things that anyone can call someone else is "idiot"? And can my words contain enough respect and grace that he will remain convinced?

Because, after all, even when their ignoring us, our children are always listening to us.

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